Custom Build Housing

With Naked House, a new generation not-for-profit housing provider and LB Enfield we have developed designs for a Local Authority package for custom build affordable housing.

Naked House acts as developer, taking on the developer risk and managing the process throughout, allowing the scheme to jump many of the barriers to such schemes and provide a scalable model. The council propose to realise long-term value through a ground rent linked to the value of the land (and so any uplift in value is shared), the guaranteed provision of permanently affordable intermediate housing (a resale covenant locks in affordability for perpetuity), additional council tax receipts, etc.

The design will develop low cost shell units for eligible members who access mainstream mortgages whilst homes are cheaper allowing people to complete them over time as their budget allows. The scheme aims to unlock the potential of small infill sites across London, to provide as many as 110,000 fully-affordable customisable homes by 2025.

Date: 2015
Location: Enfield, London

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