Open House Tours of Gap House

May 2019

These hour-long afternoon tours gave an opportunity to tour our Manser Medal winning Gap House, Luke Tozer's home in Bayswater to 30 public bookers as part of the Open House year-round programme.

'100 Houses 100 Years'

Twentieth Century Society, Edited by Susannah Charlton & Elain Harwood, Sept 2017

This book including Gap House showcases 100 houses - one from each year from 1914 - that represent the range of architectural styles throughout the years and show how housing has adapted to suit urban life.
ISBN: 978-1-8499443-7-3

'In Residence: Luke Tozer'

Nowness, Oct 2017

In the latest episode of In Residence, Tozer talks the creative challenge of tackling a difficult project and how he let light lead the design of the unorthodox sit.
Watch the film here

Metropolitan, Eurostar Magazine

Aug 2015

Feature on unusual homes across Europe including Gap House.

'How to exploit the gap in the housing market'

The Times Bricks & Mortar, Apr 2015

Our Gap House project features in Robin Ash's piece on the UK housing market and building on city-centre plots.

'Designing London - Infilling London'

Urban Design London, Jan 2015

Tim Pitman gave a talk as part of a session looking at design options and best practice for infill development.

'Building Better: Sustainable Architecture for Family Homes'

Sofia Borges, Sven Ehmann, 
Robert Klanten, Aug 2014

Gap House features in this visual showcase of outstanding environmentally friendly houses, including technical data for each featured project. Gestalten ISBN: 978-3-89955-512-7

'Eco Living'

By Chris van Uffelen, Sept 2013

Gap House features in a book on combining sustainability with trendsetting design in contemporary architecture.
Braun, ISBN 978-3-03768-149-7 Buy the book

'What was an ecohouse is now just a really well-designed house'

Blue & Green Tomorrow, Mar 2013

Interview with Luke Tozer on what the future has in store for ecohomes. Read the article

'Open House London', Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the event

Foreward by Alain de Botton

Gap House chosen as one of the 100 most architecturally inspiring buildings to have taken part in the history of Open House.
Ebury, ISBN 978-0-09-194362-2

'7 London Houses We Love'

Dwell, July 2012

In celebration of London's finest residential design, Dwell magazine includes our Gap House among the seven London houses they love.

'Just one thing: the right windows'

Evening Standard Homes & Property, May 2012

Our Upside-down House is the perfect example of how to let more natural light into your home, says Deborah Collcutt. Read the article

'Eco-Urban Design'

By John Flannery & Karen Smith, Feb 2012

Gap House features in a book on how architects have responded to the challenges of environmental change. Springer, ISBN 978-94-007-0368-1; e-ISBN 978-94-007-0369-8 Buy the book

'1000 x European Architecture'

Page 147, Nov 2011

Gap House is chosen as one of 1000 projects built across Europe in the past five years. Braun ISBN 978-3-03768087-2

Kevin McCloud's 10 Greatest Architectural Homes

Mail on Sunday, Mar 2011

'Grand Designs' presenter Kevin McCloud includes our Gap House among his 10 favourite architectural homes in Britain. Read the article

'Determinedly Modernist'

Financial Times, Nov 2010

Ex-RIBA president Michael Manser talks to Edwin Heathcote about the medal that bears his name and the 2009 winner, our Gap House. Read the article

'Mind The Gap'

Dwell, June 2010

Dominic Bradbury on the process of conceiving and realising our Gap House, with photos by Charlie Crane.

'Hidden Assets'

How To Spend It, Financial Times, Apr 2010

Gap House is the perfect example of how to make the best use of awkward urban sites in this feature by Dominic Bradbury. Link to the article

'Mind the Gap House'

Weekend magazine, Guardian, Mar 2010

The planning and conservation area impact of the Gap House is explored in this article by Anne-Celine Jaeger.

'Make Mine a Danish'

Berlingske Nyhedsmagasin, Mar 2010

A piece on our Gap House by Charlotte Nygaard in the Danish design magazine.

'A Gap Big Enough for a Family'

Evening Standard Homes & Property, Nov 2009

Luke Tozer and Charlotte speak to Philippa Stockley about life in the Gap House, plus Gap House 'Get the Look'. Download the article

'Capital's Cleverest New House'

Evening Standard, Oct 2009

Philippa Stockley celebrates our Manser Medal winning Gap House. Download the article

'A Narrow Victory'

Sunday Telegraph magazine, Sept 2009

Luke Tozer reveals the trials and tribulations of building your own home, and offers his five top tips. Download the article

'Building the Future'

John Lewis magazine, Sept 2009

Luke Tozer and Charlotte talk to Rachel Loos about building and living in the Gap House.

'Interactive Floor Plan: Gap House'

Wallpaper*, Sept 2009

The interiors magazine includes interactive floor plans of our Gap House as part of its Open House London event edition.

New London Architecture Exhibition: RIBA London Award Winners

NLA, Building Centre, 2009

Our Gap House features in an exhibition of RIBA London Award Winners, and in a show of 50 new buildings since 2000 to celebrate Westminster's Year of Design.

Hooray! Gap House wins RIBA Manser Medal

June 2009

'An intelligent, simple, practical, high-quality design that makes most of the housebuilding industry look inadequate,' were the words used by former RIBA president Michael Manser when awarding the Gap House the Manser Medal.

Architecture 09, RIBA Buildings of the Year

Edited by Tony Chapman, 2009

Our Manser Medal winning Gap House features in this book on the 2009 RIBA Awards. Merrell ISBN 978-1-8589-4490-6 Available from the RIBA bookshop

'Narrow Victory'

Grand Designs magazine, July 2008

A cover story and feature on Gap House, including an interview with Luke Tozer.

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