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A year of virtual socials

One year since we sat down in our home offices, kitchens, bedrooms or gardens, to come together for our first virtual studio quiz, we look back on a year of remote socials. From the many imaginative quiz rounds - including backwards music intros, Sterling Prize Winner recreations, pantomime fancy dress, guess the baby photo and egg painting - to the more inventive Human Bingo and Cluedo nights. Whilst there is no real substitute to a face-to-face Friday night drink, we certainly tried our best to recreate the magic, and had lots of fun in the process. See a selection of highlights below.

Highlights from Sterling Prize recreations, Movie recreations, Panto recreations and Cludo night.

Highlights from Egg Self portraits, Artwork recreations and Before I grew up photo challenge.

Highlights from Egg self portraits, Sterling Prize recreations, Artwork recreations and Panto recreations.